Karl Rove, John Sununu, the RNC and the Republican political consulting firms will never elect John Sununu photo conservative candidates. It's not in their interest. The Republican party knocked off the conservative candidates in the presidential primaries with a vengeance. In the general election, the "make everyone like us" strategy that failed in 2008 failed again. The establishment political system won't elect strong conservative candidates. It's time for conservatives to take charge of the election process for the candidates we want to see in office.

Tea Party activism won congressional seats in 2010. It was Conservatives' lack of enthusiasm in Romney that allowed Obama to win the presidency. Only an  Growing grass photo active grassroots movement can win a national election. Talk won't do it. Obama had community organizers, emails, tweets and facebook messages to individuals. The republicans had consultants producing tv commercials.
          Conservatives can build both a powerful grass roots organization and a powerful campaign tool to prepare for the 2014 and 2016 elections. We can build a powerful database of individual voters who will support conservative candidates across the country - and make this database available only to true conservatives.

          It won't require money or going to meetings. If enough Conservatives are willing to make approximately 10 phone calls a week to conducting a short Man on phone photosurvey we will have the most powerful national campaign tool possible by building a solid grassroots organization. Woman ON PHONE photo
        We will send you a list of registered voters to call. Call and ask about five survey questions. If you find that they are committed conservatives, ask if they will be willing to make about 10 survey calls a week themselves.
        Their answers will show the level of their conservative commitment and which issues they feel are most important. Ask if they will allow us to send them ad email message a week and if we can telephone them once a month.
        We will build a list of every conservative in the country to elect conservative candidates at every level of government.

        The goal is to identify every Torch of Freedom graphic conservative who is registered to vote along with their contact information - possibly as many as 10 million people. To know who can be counted on to vote for true conservative candidates whether they are registered as conservative, republican, independent or democrat. Such a list pretty much guarantees that a conservative candidate with this tool will win an election.
      It is a huge task. In fact it sounds impossible, but it is possible if enough conservatives care enough about our future to get active and participate. If conservatives are passionate enough about winning, the 'survey' will 'go viral' and we will will create this ultimate campaign tool.


If this is such a powerful tool why hasn't it already been done?
        It is not possible to produce a list like this commercially. Only a large group of committed individuals could make enough phone calls to make this work. Torch of Freedom graphic
        There are more than 8 million census blocks with information about age, sex, race, home ownership, income, household size etc. and more than 185,000 voting districts with election results. The campaigns have spent millions of dollars on consultants and computer companies to overlay census date on voting data and add other information about the habits of the people in each of these districts. It is a large and expensive task - and still only gives information about geographical areas, not about specific individuals.

Is this list for a new campaign strategy?
        This list will allow conservative candidates to use the most basic strategy with pin point accuracy.
  • find out how many people will vote for you
  • if a majority, then campaign to hold these people and be sure they vote.
  • if not a majority, campaign to 'undecided' to get them to vote for you.
            This is the basic strategy of any campaign. With the list you are developing the conservative candidates can count and contact specific individuals. Without this list they must target small groups based on analyses of race, age, sex, election district voting history etc.

    How can we do something
    that political parties and consultants
    have not been able to do?
            People Pyramid graphicThere are two things that make it possible: the use of computers to communicate and coordinate; and what some people call the 'magic of exponential growth'.
            This will only work if thousands of people are willing to make phone calls and if the information they gather is assembled in a useful form. Only people-power, not money, that can make this happen. Are conservatives willing to make a few phone calls a week to assure victories for congress in 2014 and for the presidency in 2016?

    This sounds like a pyramid scheme, is it legal?
     Pyramid Marketing graphic         Multi-level marketing (MLM), which grows exponentially, is a marketing system used by many well established companies, some more than 50 years old.
            In most cases, MLM fails because when it does attract people readily, it grows so quickly that there are more people selling than there are customers. And, if people are making commissions on all the people under them, the people at the top of the pyramid become rich and the people at the bottom make nothing.
            But this doesn't apply to us. When the market is saturated, we have achieved our goal. Everyone from top to bottom is a winner . . . as is our country.

    How do I get started?
            Click the button below and fill out the form with your Name, email address, and the address where you are registered to vote. We will send you a list of registered voters names and addresses and instructions for a short survey.

    Can I choose the area where I will make calls?
            If you are part of a TeaParty or other local conservative group we will send you a list of voters in or around your local area. Individuals will get lists from a part of the country with critical future elections.
            After we put the information you collect into a digital format, you can have a copy of your file at any time. An organization can ask for a copy of all the information digitized from its members.
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    To the entire population
    After spending more than $2 billion on on TV ads in 2012 we have a government that looks very much like the one we had before the election.
    To the people who vote
    Only about 25% of the total population will vote so it takes 13% to win an election. Half of these are democrats who will not be swayed, so an effective campaign can be directed at 7% of the population . . . IF we know exactly who those 7% are.

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